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Tip on Weather

Post  kitty100 on Wed Aug 26, 2009 7:25 am

Mitigating weather and temperature

The temperature varies from 21ºC (coldest) up to 30ºC (warmest)
Colder temperatures cause the ball to fly slightly shorter, conversely, warmers temperatures add a few yards extra.

The image below shows the point of impact of your ball depending on temperature if you hit 100% from a flat lie with short grass (fairway/tee)

Rain and Clouds

Rain and clouds also mess with your shots. Cloudy weather reduces shot distance by 5.5-6% and rain by around 11% as the moisture makes the ball heavy. For long iron shots in wet conditions make sure you aim well past the hole.


Some courses have predetermined weather conditions, Sosori is a relatively quiet course with slight breezes and mostly dry holes, other courses like Cadeiger are prone to more severe weather patterns.

Good system for crosswinds:

Driver: 1 click per 1.2 wind
3wood: 1 click per 1.0 wind
5wood: 1 click per 0.9 wind
3 and 4 iron: 1 click per 1.0 wind
5 and 6 iron: 1 click per 0.9 wind
7 and 8 iron: 1 click per 0.8 wind
9 iron and Pw: 1 click per 0.7 wind
Aw and Sw: 1 click per 0.6 wind

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